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Welcome to 2016!

Wow, it’s been so long.
For years I have wanted to get this off the ground now it’s about making it real.
So much to share here on our site in the months to come. I can’t wait for all the adventures!

Sit back and enjoy the photos and the things you just might learn along the way.

Yes this image is from the Cape, but that too is one of my favorite places!

A whole lot of everything……

A property full of wild gardens, lovely animals, and of course lots of family members here and about as well.

Here will be a collection of photos including things learned, loved and shared, along with a few other surprises thrown in.

I’m excited to share a bit our our world with you. Stay tuned to see more……

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Welcome to the Inn

Since 1822 you can imagine that this home has seen its share of history. The original home of Howard Ellsworth "Smoky Joe" Wood, Red Sox Hall of famer, along with being the original meeting place of the “Town of Greenville.” It was also the home to Jonathan Woods and was an original Tap House Inn, that had cider available. During it’s days as a stagecoach stop on the route of the old D & H Canal this house has seen but only a few owners in all those years.

It’s great to be a part of history in the Hudson Valley, NY!

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